Thursday, July 21, 2011

No transfusion this week

Glenn was quite relieved at the Dr. today. Although his labs indicate he needs blood, and it continues to drop, because he doesn't have symptoms, ie dizziness and exhaustion, he doesn't need to get any blood. So he is extremely anemic but the rest of his lab numbers are very good for him. I think that will allow him to be less protective of catching a virus or something. He is also getting some fuzz on his head. It's cute. He is tolerating longer stretches of every day activity these days as well.
Tomorrow Glenn turns 60 years old. We will have to keep celebrations low key right now but we will have to go on a boat ride or something at a later date. Originally I wanted to take him to the Grand Canyon because he wanted to stand on the glass overlook and address his fear of heights. I'd still like to do that at some point. For now he is just enjoying his new recliner.
Thanks to each of you who have been faithful in keeping up with Glenn and sending encouraging words, as well as your prayers.

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