Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marching on

Today we went for Glenn's second chemo treatment. So far he doesn't feel badly. His blood counts looked a little better than last time. But his chemistry that monitors his kidney function continues to slowly rise more, (that's a bad thing, blood counts going up is good, chemistry going up is bad.) And he gained more weight from Monday after he had gained weight that day, too. He is really swollen in his legs and his belly. That is an indication of poor kidney function. He's so afraid that he will be advised to start dialysis. We'll have to make some decisions when it comes to that. But let's just pray that the chemo treatment will do its thing and will stop the kidney damage from progressing before that comes about. So that's your next prayer request from us. And please join us in thanking God for the way he continually meets our needs in new and different ways all the time.

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