Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We went to the oncologist here in Jax. today to find out what the next plan of treatment will be. And it will be:.....................keep waiting for the answer because that's what we found out  :-/    I was sooo frustrated! The Dr. in G'ville said he would be in contact with the oncologist here for his recommendation of treatment. But apparently nobody at the Jax office has talked to him. So we are SUPPOSED to find out something by the end of the week after the Dr. here contacts the Dr. there. Ironically, I was just reading my journal this morning about the days and weeks before Glenn had his stem cell transplant and I was trying so hard not to be impatient while we were waiting to find everything out. Apparently I will be having to work on that the rest of my life, if I don't learn patience in all this. Glenn is not feeling at all like I am. He's disappointed that we didn't find anything out today, but it isn't bothering him like it is me. THAT is amazing because not that long ago he would have been very annoyed at the situation. He is still feeling ok, but he is swelling quite a bit a  lot of the time, his legs, hands and under his eyes.
Several people have responded to his post on facebook and have helped us out financially, and we are sooooo appreciative for that. We should be ok soon when disability and some other stuff starts coming in. Just needing the gaps filled until then. We feel so loved and supported by everyone's prayers, encouragement, cards, etc. that you all have sent our way. It's amazing how much it helps our spirits with each expression. You may not feel like you are supporting us much, but please know that we feel every prayer prayed and are lifted by each card received, and message sent. Thank you all so much for being there for us through all. We love each one of you.

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