Thursday, April 21, 2011

The ball is now rolling.

We are in G'ville now and Glenn got his first shot of  Nupogen today. That is the stuff he will get twice a day until   the stem cell harvest is done next week sometime. The harvest itself doesn't start until Monday.
We were able to stay at the Hope Lodge, thank you God! The Hope Lodge is a place like the Ronald McDonald House, started by Winn-Dixie, for cancer patients and care givers to stay in while receiving daily out patient treatment. It is free to stay here and everyone here has much in common so it is a little close community. People stay here for as long as  100 days. We have already met many people here. Our "next door" neighbors are also from Jacksonville, he is receiving the same treatment as Glenn. We found we have a lot in common, including being on the same schedule of treatment while we are here. We will be seeing them again when we come back in for our hospital stay. The "Rock Church" brought and served dinner to all of us tonight. Yum, good church food! Of course there were some good desserts!
Tomorrow Glenn will get his daily two shots of Nupogen, and the dreaded central line will be placed. So he will get some of that good drug that he got when he had his bone marrow biopsy. You can pray that he will be at ease while he has that central line in for several weeks until this is all over and we go back home.
Some of you know how much I love the wild life where we live and I thought I would miss it all. But.... our room overlooks a pond that has turtles and gators in it! So I will get to see wild life even while we are here. I just think God is so sweet to do that for me! When I figure out how to get pictures on this blog, I'll show you the pond, as well as some other notable sites.

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