Saturday, April 16, 2011

A little change of plans.

Our coordinator called this past week to tell us that our Dr., with whom we are scheduled to meet on Thursday, will have to be gone at that time, so she has rescheduled that appointment for this Monday. We actually have two appointments on Monday, but I'll explain the other one at a later date. So we will be spending Monday in G'ville, come back home that day and go back Thursday to start pretreatment treatment. Glenn will be receiving shots twice a day starting Thursday to get the stem cells to go into the blood so they can be harvested. The following day, Friday, they will "install" the dreaded central line in his chest, that will remain until he is discharged home sometime in June. This is one of the two things about all this that are bothering him the most because he is terrified of needles. It gives him the creeps to think of having that in him for so many weeks. So if you want to know what to pray about for him, there's your answer. He will get the shots twice a day, starting 4 days before the harvesting, and throughout the period of harvesting. That starts on the following Monday and we don't know how long it will take. Each day of harvesting he will be hooked up to a machine similar to a dialysis machine for 4-6 hours a day, we think for at least two days. It just depends on how many cells they get the first two days. It takes different lengths of time for each person. So we will be gone from this Thursday until sometime the following week. We'll miss all of you at our church that Sunday. We hope to  worship at the church we went to when we met (over 3 decades ago) on that Sunday, depending on how the shots affect him.
I  don't know how many people are following this so I don't know if I should keep up with it. I will if there are at least a few people following. I know of 2 so far.
Glenn is still feeling fine right now, although his blood pressure went down to normal and he was feeling funny, he couldn't explain it. But when I took his bp tonight it was up a little and he was feeling better. Go figure. I guess he just doesn't feel right being normal. Of course, Glenn wouldn't be Glenn if he was normal, would he?!

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