Monday, April 18, 2011

Consents signed and ready to go.

We are home after a day in G'ville. We had to meet with the Dr. to sign consents for treatment and to take  part in different studies. I told the Dr. it was like closing on a house, there were so many things to sign. He said that's what everybody says. Since Glenn is only the 5th patient he has treated with Light Chain Deposition Disease, he will probably be used in a study. Our Dr. is the one who would do the study.
I told you all that there were two things we went to do today. The other thing was a repeat scan on Glenn's lungs. Our coordinator told us he needed to have the repeat scan because there was a nodule that showed up on the first scan. Today's scan reading said it was nothing to worry about. So we can go ahead with the treatment plan. Thank you God!
So now we will go back Thursday to begin the "growth hormone" shots, the central line placement on Friday, and the stem cell harvesting on Monday and for however many more days it takes to get as much as is needed for the transplant. No, Glenn is not going to grow taller from the shots. They are to get the stem cells to do what they are supposed to in the bone marrow and then get into the blood stream for harvesting. One thing you can pray about for us is that the Hope Lodge will have room for us to stay while we are there this week. We were told to call Wednesday to find out if we can stay there. Thanks everyone.

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