Friday, April 22, 2011

Have we only been here one day?

It seems like we've been here for several days. Has it only been one day? Amazing!
Glenn is doing very well after his central line was put in today. And guess what: he said it isn't that bad having it in! Well, hello, that's what everybody tried to tell him. He told the Dr. today that so far no one has lived up to his expectations, meaning that nothing has been as bad as he expected.
By the way, I have to clear up something that Glenn pointed out to me in my blog last night. I can assure you all that there is NO wild life either here at Hope Lodge where we are staying, nor at Riverwood where we live! Apparently wildlife is one word! If you read last nights blog maybe you get what he got from it, and with quite a bit of laughter, I might add!
Besides getting the central line put in, Glenn has gotten two more shots of Nupogen, and without any side affects so far. Hopefully he will still feel ok Sunday so we can go to church here. Our "next door" neighbors may go with us. We have really bonded with them in the short time we've been here, (really, has it only been ONE day?) Glenn said it is really encouraging to see what people are praying for specifically and that the prayers are being answered with a positive response. Thank you all sooooo much!

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