Monday, February 6, 2012

Rolling the ball along

Thought I'd fill you in while today's activities are still fresh in my head. Glenn had his first visit at the VA. I have to say they lived up to their reputation with me: not good. Glenn says they were actually more efficient than he expected. I say they move cattle well. The Dr. was not at all impressive, which was a disappointment because I had heard that the Dr.s were better than they used to be. But, sadly, not here. Anyway, we will be able to get his Rx's for cheap. The rest of the care is yet to be determined.
At any rate, we also saw the nephrologist today. We gave him the G'ville oncologist's cell phone number, which I had saved when he had called once a while back and the neph. called him right then while he was with us in our appt. They are putting together a plan to get Glenn's fistula and peritoneal catheters placed soon. Finally we've got the ball rolling with that. I hope we will have specifics Wednesday when we go to G'ville for his next appt. there.
Aside from that, we got a definite date when we will be moving to our "permanent" house: Feb. 23, a Thursday. We have to be out of here by that date because they've got to get it ready for new residents to move in by the 1st. At this point we can't get into the next place any earlier than the 23rd but I'm hoping that will change and we can at least move boxes ahead of the move date. But it's all good. We'll be settled soon.
Thanks everyone for your faithfulness in following us. You're the wind beneath our wings!

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