Saturday, October 8, 2011

you can call this one scrambled brain.

Sorry, I've been lazy about writing an update. No excuses, just lazy.
Glenn had his Thursday treatments with no surprises this week. Oh, except that his counts are down far enough that he has to again be extra careful about infections: special diet, mask in crowds, antibiotics for prevention, (it's called prophylactic, but that just doesn't sound right). He does feel like he is less swollen this morning and lost 5 pounds, so that's a good thing, which has nothing to do with the sentence previous to this one. I think I need some more sleep, or something.
As one of two asides, we are experiencing a "Noreaster" which is basically a tropical storm moving onto land. It is supposed to last through Monday. Which means cloudy and periods of heavy rain with strong winds. Just thought I'd share that with you who live elsewhere from Jax. The other aside is that our daughter has a new, temporary position in New York which she started this week. She made it through the week and gets to come home every weekend. We don't know how long this project will last, but we know it is for several months. They put her up in a place in Manhattan with a beautiful view of the city, on the 25th floor. She is loving it, but I ask her periodically if I have to call the NYPD  when I don't hear from her or I hear something is going on up there. She is tolerating my protective instinct pretty well.
Glenn likes to go somewhere everyday and he didn't get to go anywhere yesterday so off we go to Publix and other unknown places.

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