Monday, October 24, 2011

Back to treatment schedule

K. I told you I'd be here again so here I am with your new update.
Glenn had his treatment today, but one of his chemo dosages had to be held again because some of his labs weren't up high enough. But the steroid was increased again, boo. That means he will start swelling up and retaining fluid again. It's been nice while the edema has been down. We will have to start the balancing act again with the diuretics. bah humbug.
We went out looking for pigs in the neighborhood at dusk, (yes, literally pigs, wild pigs. They have been very active in the neighborhood this year digging up grass to find whatever it is they like to eat.) Glenn let me drive because he's feeling kind of drugged up. Well, we didn't see any pigs, but he sure was disagreeable. I told him I didn't like the way he is on steroids. If I said black he said no it's white, if I said up he'd say no it's down. So we went home and on our way in I told him to go sit down and watch his TV and shut up and leave me alone! (I was kidding with him, of course.) A few minutes later I realized that if the neighbors heard me they would really have a poor opinion of me and how I treat this poor defenseless, sickly guy. And they easily could have heard what I said since I said it as we were outside going to our back screened porch to the back door. Oh, dear. Oh, well. I gave them something to talk about. Tee hee!
We would like to ask for your prayers for direction of where we should move when our lease is up in Feb.  We are still considering whether to move to G'ville and have all his Dr.s at one facility there or to stay here in Jacksonville and move closer to the hospital and Dr.s office. It would help if we had some idea how long treatment will be, but there is no way for the Dr.s to be able to predict that. There is no normal schedule of treatment and response to go by. It's all a shot in the dark. So since God is the only one who knows that, we look to him to point us in the best direction for Glenn's needs. Thank you so much for your support.

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