Monday, October 17, 2011

Miss us?

Did you miss me? Friends of ours gave us a weekend "get away" this past weekend to World Golf Village, which is only about 30 minutes down the road from us, but away nevertheless. It was nice to get away for real this time. And we didn't have to travel a lot to get there! We went to the IMAX theater there for the first time. Glenn especially enjoyed that because it was a show on the history and progress of airplanes.
Glenn has been feeling pretty good the past week. His swelling continues to stay down and his lab values are steady. This is his week off of chemo of the 2 weeks on and 1 week off schedule. He'll start back on it next Monday, at least that's the plan. We did go for lab draws today. They are pretty steady for the most part. We think that his swelling being reduced is a result of the lower dose of steroids and the stability of his other labs is because he didn't get one of his chemo treatments last week. Anyway, he is feeling better these days.
We will go to G'ville Wednesday for a follow up appointment with the pulmonologist. Some spots were found on Glenn's lungs when he had his workup for the transplant but they weren't concerning to the Dr. at that time, but they want to follow up to see if there are any changes.
Thank you to you all who continue to follow the blog and keep up with how Glenn is doing. It really is very encouraging to us.

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