Sunday, September 2, 2012

Report of Dr visits.

I can give you all a partial report on Wed.'s G'ville visit only because we have received partial results of Glenn's labs. His red blood count is still low, but not enough to need a transfusion. Most everything else is in a pretty good range. Of course his kidney function labs are  terrible, but that's to be expected since the kidneys are shot now. We are waiting for the Dr. to call us regarding the levels of the LCDD disease. They apparently take longer than a day to be done.
Today, for the first time in a long time, Glenn wore his shirt tucked in and a belt on. He hasn't felt comfortable with that until now because of the tube in his stomach that is at belt level. He looked like his old self, except that his hair came back darker since it has grown in.
Our trip to Tampa was pretty uneventful and the appointment took much less time than we had thought it would take. We wait now on the lawyer to do whatever he is supposed to do. We didn't see much indication there that a convention was going on, except for a small caravan of important looking vans coming out of the Weston Hotel parking garage which was next to the building we were in. And we ended up driving to Tampa and back that same day instead of spending Wed. night in a hotel. Worked out ok, but Glenn's dialysis schedule got all messed up and he missed an exchange that day, first time since he has started dialysis.  He lived without it for a long time so it won't hurt anything if  he misses now and then. (He does 4 exchanges a day.)
So, with the rest of the lab results: tbc (to be continued).

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