Monday, September 17, 2012

Night-time dialysis

I know I said in the last entry that I would update you on the rest of his labs. The P.A. called to give us a report and we asked her to fax it to us as well but the fax didn't go through and we haven't gotten around to calling back for them again. But from what she said everything concerning the LCDD is still trending up, but not in a dangerous range right now. We go back to see the Dr. in a week.
Glenn was finally able to get trained on the "cycler" machine to dialyze at night while he sleeps. He's on his fifth night now. He is still getting acquainted with the machine, but he likes not having to do it four times a day. With it being a new treatment, he was intimidated by it at first, but after the first time he used it, he has settled down about it for the most part. And he has a number he can call any time of the night for help which really helps lessen the anxiety. The first night neither one of us slept very well. But after that we've done pretty well sleeping.
He's had several days where he feels pretty good most of the day. He can get worn out if he tries to fit too much into his day. I think that's a result of the anemia. He's eating well, looks good, has a fairly good amount of energy and is comfortable with all the new additions to his body, ie the dialysis tube in his stomach, the fistula in his left arm, and the port in his right upper chest. I think he's in a good place right now. I told him now he can find ways to make my life easier!

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