Sunday, September 30, 2012

Enjoying relative "normal-ness" for a time.

Hello all you faithful glennschemoandstuff followers. It is comforting to know you are there keeping up with all this stuff.
Glenn had his appt in G'ville this past week with the oncologist. It looks like the markers that he is watching to follow the disease are up again and it's inevitable that Glenn will start some form of chemo again. We go back in a month and he will probably have another bone marrow biopsy to determine where exactly the disease is and what treatment to start. From the labs we have up to the end of August, it looks like the values are as high now as before he had the stem cell transplant. I really hadn't looked at the comparisons until now. His platelets continue to be very low, as well. We don't know what is causing that. His red blood cell count stays low, but that seems to be constant for dialysis people.
On the day that a person receives a stem cell transplant it is considered their birthday. We finally got that connection when we went to G'ville this past week. Because the immune system was completely wiped out from the transplant, Glenn is considered 16 months old, and had to begin his immunizations just  as a baby has to. So he got 4 (FOUR) shots at his appointment. His arm is still quite sore four days after the injections. Poor baby. I took him for ice cream afterwards because he was such a brave boy.
It is so good that he has this time of feeling pretty well in between treatments. It has been a nice reprieve. He has about another month of feeling well before it all starts again.  boo.

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