Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just checking in with our peeps

You know things have been relatively quiet when I don't post for a while. To catch you up on the  past couple weeks, (if I can remember that far back), Glenn had his visit to the nephrology clinic and the dialysis is apparently doing what it's supposed to. He is scheduled for Sept 12 & 13 for training on the night time dialysis cycler, so he should be able to start doing that after his training. One thing it will help is when we have to go to G'ville or somewhere for the day, he won't have to be concerned about where and what time he can do a dialysis exchange, like we have to consider now. It's not really that big of a deal, but it would be a lot more convenient if he didn't have to plan for that during the day.
He has been feeling quite tired for the past week or so. I will be glad to find out what his labs are tomorrow when we go to G'ville. My guess is that he needs another unit or two of blood. That's just a guess, though. He also had a virus over the weekend, feeling achy with GI issues. He seems to be better now, but the tiredness is still there. Also, as a follow up about the blister-like spots on his leg: they have dried up and are almost gone now. Our best guess is that it was a bug bite of some kind.
As I mentioned earlier, we go to G'ville tomorrow, and Thursday he has an appointment in Tampa to evaluate his neck injury from the accident he had a couple months ago. So we are going to spend the night Wed. night somewhere between G'ville and Tampa. Not a good week to find an inexpensive hotel, since the RNC is going on there this week. Hopefully, we will avoid the riots, etc. while we are there. We could use some prayers about that, thanks. Thankfully,( hurricane) Isaac has left that area so we dodged that bullet. 
I'll fill you in on our Dr. visits later this week. 

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