Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still stable

Just want to report to you all that there is nothing to report. :-) Glenn continues to feel pretty well and the night time dialysis is going smoothly. He got to be a guest host on the Flight Time radio show again yesterday, which, as you all know, is a favorite activity of his.
He has sent his second book to the publisher, and is working on his third book, which is a political fiction. The words are just POURING out of his mind. Surprise, surprises!
 He seems to have a little more energy than he did last week. He got another shot for his anemia and maybe that has made the difference. He's actually been going out to men's night with the guys from church, and we were able to go to out to a gathering of friends Friday night for dinner, and movie for the men and Mah Jongg for the ladies, and he didn't run out of steam. Our next Dr. appt is this coming Tuesday at the Renal Clinic here in Jax. and the following week we go to G'ville. Probably won't post again for a a little while until we have any new info to give you all. So ttfn.

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