Saturday, December 3, 2011

Results of tests.

Ok, so I finally called the Dr. since we hadn't heard from him. He said the chemo must have helped because the value he was looking for in the bone marrow was better. So Glenn will be on chemo treatment every three weeks as what the Dr. called a maintenance therapy. His hope is that the kidneys will recover some function. Encouraging news! But that didn't help us make a decision as to where we should move to, though we pretty much have decided that since we have to get another nephrologist anyway, that we will use one in G'ville there at Shands. We will be talking to the finance dept there hopefully Monday to see what county we have to live in to be in their system. Maybe THEN we can know where we will move.
I have pretty much gone through all the rooms and gotten rid of what I need to through garage sales and Goodwill. That is a load off. I've got Glenn going through the stuff in his office by bringing out a few boxes at  a a time to the living room (where he pretty much lives, eats, and sleeps). That angle seems to be working better than trying to get him to go in his office. It looks like an overwhelming job when he tries to go in the office and do the sorting. And if you've ever been in our home, you know why it is overwhelming to him. So a little at a time is working so far. He went through his stuff one time and we got rid of more than 15 boxes, but he still has about that much more to get rid of, if not more, hopefully. So we have pretty much started the process of moving. We gave the required 60 day notice and got move out instructions. Of course, we'll be glad when this is all over and we are settled for a while again.

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