Sunday, December 11, 2011

No news is good news

I usually don't post anything if we don't have any news. But a girl at church today said just post what we're doing. She likes to know what our life is like anyway. So....
We've been looking for a place to live this week, as well as going through Glenn's office stuff and eliminating as much as I can get him to get rid of. He's done pretty well at throwing things away. But we haven't had any luck finding a place to live yet. We looked at a place near G'ville that we really liked and the girl we talked to was supposed to talk to management to see if they could give us a better rate. She hasn't called back so we at least missed out on the special if we would have signed within 48 hours. I guess we'll call tomorrow to see if she can give us any good news. Other than that, we haven't had any luck finding anything in\near G'ville or in the Orange Park area, which is just southwest of Jacksonville and closer to G'ville than where we are now, but still in this area. And we haven't made any progress with Glenn's treatment yet. So we continue tomorrow, (Monday) to work on those two things.
This weekend we had our Boyles Christmas  get-together and feast here at our place. It was wonderful! Everybody in the family came as well as all but one significant-other of our kids'. We all had a very great time together eating and watching Phoenix open her presents. The cousins got caught up with each other and Glenn had stories to tell about his two sisters to entertain us all. And we had waaayyy too many desserts. ;-)  If I was techno-savy I'd post pictures here, but haven't figured that out so you can see them on fb if you and I are fb friends. But I'm sure everyone would agree it was a a wonderful, memory making evening.
Glenn has been feeling fairly well, since he hasn't had any chemo treatments for a few weeks now, and he's been able to get out more this week. We were able to go to church today for the first time in a while. Sooo good to be with, and see everybody again. It was very encouraging to him to see everybody and for them to see him and how well he's doing.

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