Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slow recovery

Hi Sue, (and anybody else who is still reading this), I think you're the only one who has kept up with this blog. But I am going to continue with it, if for nothing else than to keep a record for myself of how things are going.
We went to the oncologist for Glenn's weekly lab checks. His hemoglobin and red blood cells continue to drop so we talked to a Dr. there and he said it wasn't absolutely urgent that Glenn get a blood transfusion but next week if his counts are lower it would be a good idea to get some blood. So that's what we're looking at this next week. Besides that, Glenn has felt ok, not ready to run any races but he isn't quite as tired as he was the first few weeks after we got home from the hospital. We were planning on him going to church this week, but after getting some medical advice, we decided he still shouldn't be in crowds, even if he wore a mask. :-( . Best to err on the safe side.
Glenn applied for disability and we are waiting and hoping to hear something soon. Because his disease is treated the same as multiple myeloma and there isn't a billing code for his disease it is processed as multiple myeloma and that disease is dealt with as a "fast track" case and supposedly they get it through in a month. We'll see...... while we continue praying for results soon.

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