Saturday, June 18, 2011

A quiet week

This week for Glenn was another week of resting, sleeping and eating, with a little bit of work sprinkled in. He can sit for about a half hour at the computer before he has to lay down and rest and/or sleep again. He talked to the SS office to see if he qualifies for SSI, but he was told that we make too much. So I guess to qualify you have to live in a nice, paid for, tent and have no car payment. He is now applying for disability. That requires that you are going to be disabled for at least a year. So we need to get letters from the Dr.s to verify that. That's a new prayer request--(not that he is disabled for a year but) that he will be approved for disability---soon.
That same day we had to do a couple errands for him, and then I took him to the furniture store for him to pick out a recliner for Father's Day/60th birthday from the kids and me. He had to be "fitted" for one that was  comfortable. He picked one out and it will be here in about a month. He wanted something he could rest in but not be on the couch all the time.
I am curious to know what his lab values are. When he was in the hospital we got a report everyday which gave me a sort of security that we knew where he was all the time. But we won't know what his labs are for another couple weeks. His blood  pressure is not what would be considered normal, but is at an acceptable level, controlled by four blood pressure meds. One good thing is that his swelling and edema have stabilized without any medications.
So he is just resting at home, holed up from everybody to avoid any exposure from infections, and because he just doesn't feel like doing anything else for now.

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