Sunday, June 5, 2011

Home again, home again.....

You may have noticed that there was silence here yesterday. We were quite busy packing, cleaning our room, saying good by to new friends, including the turtles and gators at Hope Lodge, and coming home, unpacking, then having our sons and granddaughter and some of their friends over. Whew! It was quite tiring for us both: Glenn was worn out from just watching and riding home in the car, ( he was not allowed to do any of the physical work. nor did he have the strength to do any). It's a lot of activity for him.
We are still battling the edema in his legs and are anxious to get back to the nephrologist to get his meds straightened out for his kidney disease.
For Glenn, leaving was really not a big deal. It was just time to go. On the other hand, as many of you know, I am not a crier. BUT yesterday brought the tears; we were leaving our security, our new friends with whom we shared the process of a significant life challenge: sitting up at night drinking coffee, playing solitaire, putting puzzles together, meals fixed and shared together, Dr. appointments, treatments, infusions, postponed discharge dates, meeting each others' visiting families and friends, and more. For me, it has been an experience that has left a deep impression on my heart. So much comfort during a difficult time, that made it easier to go through. We'll keep in touch with some of the new friends, but it won't be the same as living together every day and sharing our lives. Needless to say, we bonded with each other in a relatively short time. I believe it had a greater impact on Glenn than he realizes.
I probably won't be posting here every day, now that we are home, but I will keep you all  up to date on Glenn's health, as we go to the Dr. each time and the results of those visits. We aren't at all finished with this process and will see, in the next few months, what the impact of his treatment has been. So keep checking the blog and you can keep up with how he's doing. Knowing that so many people have cared enough to keep up with him here has been very encouraging for us. Keep in touch and so will we.
P.S. The Mah Jongg ladies did a fantastic job cleaning our condo before we got home, and provided groceries for us when we returned home. I hope that we are able to do for others as you have so graciously done for us.


  1. So glad you are now home in the comfort of your own things. Eda, I saw you at church on Sunday and was hugging you from across the room. I didn't get to give you the real hug due to prior commitments I had to attend to directly after services, but know I was so glad to see you there next to Anne Marie. We miss both of you and your are continually in our prayers.
    Love ~Heather