Friday, June 3, 2011

Homeward bound

Glenn's Dr. visit this morning went well. He told Glenn that he can go home, and we could go right over to get his central line removed. Kind of funny because Glenn and I looked at each other in surprise; we were expecting to go home soon but I  guess we expected to be told that we would have to schedule the line removal for next week, but they had already taken care of that for us. So we went right over and got that done. Then we celebrated by going to Wendy's for hamburgers and fries, which we haven't had in a long time. (Next to the cafeteria is a small food court with Wendy's and a few other food places.) The salt hasn't helped his edema at all, but, he can just take some more lasix ;-) . Our eating habits have been "have what you want and what is available" so when we get home it's back to healthy eating, although Glenn isn't supposed to do any dieting right now.  
I forgot to share about the little girl I met yesterday, and her mother. Mom came in first and was given some forms to fill out. She had a scarf on to cover up her bald head, and she had a line like Glenn's only in her upper arm, which probably means that they are exhausting many of the other sites to use. She was having a very hard time seeing what she was reading, and at the same time was falling asleep while she was filling out the form. Then her little girl and grandma came in. That little girl looked a lot like Shirley Temple with her head full of curls. One lady smiled at her and asked her what her name was, but the little girl just stared at her like she was trying to figure out what that lady was. Then she came over and sat down next to me and asked my my name, and the name of the man sitting next to me, (who was not Glenn). I told her his name was Skip (we know him from the Hope Lodge). She said no and pointed to her mom and said "that's Skip". I guess her mom's name was Skip. I asked her what her name was and she said, "Me Katie". She gave me her little neon green wrist band that had a peace symbol on it and said, "Don't lost it. And don't let the dog bite it." She did a lot of other cute things for all of us. But what was notable to me was that she seemed to be oblivious to her mother's seemingly serious condition. She just played and talked to her mom as any little child does, asking for juice, etc. It was really sad that there is a strong possibility that her mom won't see her grow up. And the grandma, how she must be feeling. You always forget your problems when you see someone else in a much worse situation. There are just so many experiences when you go through  this kind of thing. I hope it all is etched in my mind and heart so I don't lose the lessons learned.
Anyway, we will be going back home tomorrow and start the new adjustment to "normal" life. Prayerfully with  many lessons learned and hearts transformed to be more like our brother, Jesus.

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