Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just in case anybody is still checking here

I don't know if anybody is checking here occasionally, but thought I'd fill you in, in case anyone is here.
Glenn has been  his usual tired for the last few weeks, although he doesn't sleep as much during the day as he did when he first got home. He takes a 15 minute walk each morning before the sun comes up, makes his breakfast then sleeps for a few more hours. He can have visitors, and has had several. On Father's Day all three kids and the granddaughter were over for a while, one Sunday we took a big risk to have 7 people from church over, (Glenn wore a mask for those two visits), and this week we had our friends over who we met in G'ville who had the same kind of treatment there at the same time Glenn did, so we got to commiserate together and compare experiences.
We go to the nephrologist tomorrow to see what Glenn's lab work shows, which I am very eager to see. When we were in G'ville, Glenn's blood was drawn every night and reported first thing every morning which gave us some security to know what his condition was doing. With Glenn being so tired still, I am eager to know if he is anemic or if he is recovering normally. I am also anxious to go to the oncologist here to see how she feels he is doing. We didn't realize he was supposed to be followed up here with his oncologist until I called to find out.  We were probably told to but it didn't stick in the brains. When Glenn was being given discharge directions, he was just finishing getting platelets and we were in a rush to get to the Hope Lodge before we lost the room, so I failed to take notes. So we will be following up as soon as we can get in there.
And I'll let you all know what we find out. Thank you so much for caring to keep up with him.

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