Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Feb. Dr. visit

I don't know if this will post bc I have a different computer than before when I posted and I don't know if I'm actually on the blog site, but I'll try.
We went to G'ville today fully expecting for Glenn to have a bone marrow biopsy since that's what we were told the last time we went. But the Dr. is holding off. I guess that's a good thing. The iron infusions he had in Dec. have done some good bc those numbers are better, ie: he isn't as anemic has he has been. It's hard to try explain about his lab numbers, but some of them stayed the same as last time and some of them went up, (the bad way). But apparently not enough to be a concern. We go back in two months again.  Glenn  continues to be very tired a lot of the time. He gets out and does stuff, but when he get's home he realizes how exhausted he is, actually sometime while he is out, and we have to come home for him to rest. But we are glad that is his only problem right now.
He is planning a workshop for the end of this month, and has two speaking engagements in the next few months. We'd like to try again to plan a trip out west. He found an airplane museum in Arizona that he'd like to go to. We'll have to see how/if that will work out.
I probably won't be making another entry until April, unless something comes up. If we are friends on facebook, I always notify there when I have made a new entry.

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