Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Enter 2014

Hello all. Well, as you might have guessed, Glenn's labs have continued to be ok. He has felt his usual wellness: tired a lot but other than that no complaints. Last week and this week he had to get iron infusions because he continues to be anemic and in spite of getting a shot every week for that those blood counts don't improve and seem to go down a little each time. I'm sure that is partly the cause of his tiredness. The  counts for his disease went up in October and again higher in December. So far, he hasn't had to start any treatment. He will  have a bone marrow biopsy at his next G'ville visit in Feb. (five more weeks) and I suppose the Dr. will consider if treatment needs to be started. The Dr.s also want to see how his blood cell production in the bone marrow is doing, given his continued anemia.
We had a very blessed Christmas this year. The kids came over for Christmas eve and I fixed Eda-pizza and calzone which they loved. (It's been a looooonnnnngggg time since I've made it and they and Glenn seemed to appreciate it so much more this time). We had our gift exchange after dinner. Glenn was so surprised to get a "Go Pro" camera from the kids which he had been trying to figure out how he could get the money for. Santa brought me a new notebook computer since this one is about seven years old and veeerrrrryyyy tired and slow. I haven't played with the new one yet because I'm pretty techno-illiterate and am intimidated getting to know a new gadget with the new Windows 8. But I will be tackling that very soon. Then on Christmas day we went to Andy's girlfriend's mom's house for a shared family dinner and Christmas celebration, with Santa arriving to pass out gifts. (That mom of Andy's girlfriend is such a generous person. She is always giving us some kind of nice thing, which she did on that day: she gave Glenn a pass for a 30 minute, ride in a bi-plane and gave me several gift cards for necessities and for fun).
Oh! Also we finally got the settlement for the first of Glenn's two accidents, and we got to buy a "new" car the end of November: a Honda CR-V 2011. We both like it a lot. It's smaller than the Odyssey was, which is what I wanted. We didn't need all that seating anymore and I wanted something that would get in and out of parking spaces easier (than the beast Odyssey), and that would get better gas mileage. God gave us just the right amount of money from the settlement that we could get something we like, in good condition and fairly new. I got to pick it out; Glenn says it is my car. Ok, I'll accept that! He gets to use it as much as he wants.
So I probably won't be posting here until Feb. unless there is news before then. We wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2014.

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