Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hello faithful friends, Thank you for your faithfulness in checking in on Glenn regularly.
Glenn has been rocking along in stable status. He has had to have a couple iron infusions in the past couple months, most recently this past Tuesday. Can't seem to keep the iron levels and RBC's up to a functional level. Probably has to do with kidneys not working as they should.  Last week he got that nasty stomach flu, and I mean it was NASTY to him. He had to go to the hospital because he couldn't stop vomiting{and other things), so after about 18 hours of this happening every 30 -45 minutes I made the executive decision. Of course he was admitted after being up ALL night in the ER. He got some med. for nausea that seemed to eventually calm that part down so that he could take in some fluids. He will tell you that they gave him IV fluids, which technically they did, but only at a rate to keep an open access, not really to give him fluids, since he missed two nights of dialysis because he didn't have any fluid in his system to filter. Two  days later he was discharged, but not before he had shared his sickness with me. I went home in the middle of the night the second night with it.  We are both still getting our strength back. That part is taking way too long for our liking. We know of several people who have gotten this rotten bug in various degrees.
His next appointment in G'ville is in three weeks. He should have a bone marrow biopsy this time. It's been more than six months since the last one and we need to keep an eye on the production of blood cells, which help indicate what the disease is doing, along with the usual blood work done each time.
So, barring any new events to report, I'll be back here then to fill you  in on what we find out. ttfn

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