Saturday, February 9, 2013


Hello all. (This will be new to some of you and repeat info for others of you since we are friends on facebook.) Glenn went the hospital Thursday night because he was having a severe headache, vision problems, and difficulty with his speech, along with the high blood pressure. Of course we suspected a stroke. The brain scan didn't show any signs of bleeding. He had an MRI last night to see if there is any hidden bleeding that the scan didn't show, but we don't know the results of that yet. The visual and communication symptoms didn't last more than 30-45 minutes. So far, the Dr.s are suggesting that it was either a TIA or a complex migraine.  He is also going to have an EEG. They don't do those on the weekends here so he might get released tomorrow and have it done in the office this week. I'm glad he is here for another night because the headaches and high blood pressure happen at night so as long as we're here it can be documented, but of course you know the body gets uncooperative at the wrong times and he doesn't have a headache tonight. Blood pressure is creeping up.( Is it bad for me to hope he gets a headache and high blood pressure tonight?) He has been feeling pretty well, especially after last night when he got a really good dose of Ativan IV so he could get through the MRI. I had gone home to get some things, but our daughter was with him, and she had some entertaining  stories to tell him about what he said and did while he was under the influence. :-)  And it lasted a long time, even into today. You know Ativan is his drug of choice so he was glad to get it, and he couldn't have gotten through the MRI with any less of a dose because he is claustrophobic and even then wanted to end the test early. He was able to finish probably because he was hallucinating and was able to be convinced to hang on a few minutes more.
I will probably give you an update in the next day or so. We are doing fine, although Thursday night was quite scary for us both. Thank you so much to those of you who already knew about all this and have been praying for us. You have to know that through your prayers God has been keeping us strong. He is always faithful.

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