Friday, February 1, 2013

Low platelets, high blood pressure and a new book out.

Friday, February 1st. Time flies, doesn't it?! And yet it drags when you don't want it to. Let's see, what's new to report? Well, not a whole lot. We went to the hematologist here in town who Glenn was seeing for a while  in tandem with the hematology/oncologist in G'ville and we had decided to stick with one, the one in G'ville. Anyway, we saw the local group today to see if they have any clue as to why Glenn's platelets stay down too low. The  Dr. we saw today really doesn't have a clue why. So that makes 3 so far (Dr.s who don't know why). He's running a blood test to see if it is ITP and if it is he can treat it. If it's not, we're back to the drawing board. I'll tell you what ITP is after I look it up and review it. I was reading about it the other day, but I don't retain anything that I read the first time, or the second time, for that matter. We also went to the Renal clinic today for Glenn's weekly shot for his anemia, and to talk to them about his blood pressure getting so high He is already on 3 meds for high blood pressure. Last night it was 189/86 at 6pm and 186/ 80 at 11:30. Last week he was prescribed some medicine to take when it gets too high. He took it at 6 but by 11:30 it was still high so he had to take another one. This morning his blood pressure was a very pleasant  131/74. But it is creeping up again. Along with the high bp is the headache. But hey, his LCDD levels are staying steady, so we have something to be positive about.  Actually, we are  quite pleased that he has been feeling as well as he has for the past few months. So these things aren't  urgent matters, just annoyances. (Speaking of annoyances, he continues to grow that beard. :-(  That's my feeling about it.)
It has been good hearing from some of you that you keep up with Glenn on this blog. We really do appreciate that you  want to keep up on what's going on with him. By the way, his second book has been published: "The Fine Art of Driving Customers Away". He will let everyone know who wants to buy it of when to order it on line so he can get it on the best-seller's list. If it gets high enough orders during any certain hour, it is named on the best-seller's list. He will set that date and time and let you know. Keep your eyes peeled for that info. Also, he is near the finish of his third book which is a fiction novel politically based. We'll let you know about that too, but that will be a few months away yet because of getting it done and edited and printed.
 ttfn  (That's ta-ta for now, for those of you who forgot or didn't know.)

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