Saturday, March 2, 2013

Just rolling along

Since the last entry, Glenn has been doing well. He had some moles shaved off and biopsied and one was basal cell so that one was cut out. He goes Monday for the six stitches to be removed. He was such a brave boy, I took him for ice cream again.
Dialysis is going well. His labs stay in normal ranges. It has become pretty routine for him now to get set up on the "cycler", which is the machine that does the exchanges for him for 9 hours during the night.  He sleeps well with that going on with hardly any discomfort. It has made planning activities during the day so much easier than when he was doing it manually 4 times during the day. He can always go back to that at times if we want to go somewhere overnight and don't want to take the cycler with us.
At his 6 week check up in G'ville this week, all his blood work had good results. Even the Kappa Light Chain, the disease in his blood, had gone down some. The Dr. was pleased with  how Glenn is doing. He said we could make the next appointment for 3 months, but we miss the crew there so he said we could make it for 10 weeks. We still don't have an answer to why his platelets stay so low, but the blood cancer group here in town is doing the follow up on that. I guess if it's not cancer, the Dr. in G'ville doesn't deal with it.
We had three Dr. appointments last week, so I was thinking we had a clear week next week, but it turns out he has 4 appointments next week. They are all pretty much follow ups: Monday the stitches from the mole under his nose come out, Wednesday he goes to the local blood cancer Dr.,  and he gets labs done at the renal clinic, and Thursday he has an appointment with the pulmonologist in G'ville to check the nodules that showed up on his lungs when he was being worked up for the stem cell transplant. He will have to have those checked I think every six months to make sure they aren't changing. 
So, prayfully all is stable for a while, barring anything rogue happening, (like that TIA a few weeks ago).

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