Saturday, January 19, 2013

All is well

Hello all, thanks for your faithfulness in following Glenn's journey.
He had appointments at both the Dr's this week. Wednesday we went to G'ville to see the hematology/oncologist.  His labs are pretty much unchanged: blood counts are at a low but  safe level for him; platelets are still low but steady. We don't know what the results are of the LCDD. They will call and let us know when they get the results. Glenn goes back in 6 weeks. On a sad note, we lost one of the friends we met at the Hope Lodge where we stayed during Glenn's treatment. I just expected everyone we know well from there to just live on. It was such a surprise to have him go. He had a leukemia-type of disease. Treatments just didn't seem to do any good for him. I am so sad for his wife.
Thursday we went to the nephrologist. Really nothing significant to report. We did talk about the platelet situation and decided that we would go back to the hematologists Glenn saw here locally and see if they can identify the reason for it. I think they deal with other blood diseases as well as cancers so maybe they might have some ideas. 
The itching Glenn had been experiencing hasn't bothered him for a few days. Here's hoping it will stay away.
So unless there is something significant to report, you won't hear from me for a couple weeks. All is well. 

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