Sunday, August 5, 2012

He survived

Got back from camping yesterday. It's a good thing Glenn didn't go; it wasn't for the faint of body strength/endurance. I thought I was going to get some rest and reflection there. Well, I did get the reflection each morning and evening at the devotionals, but the rest of the time wasn't rest, by any means. But it was all good in the end. I'll be happy to do it again next year.
Glenn survived his first solo visit to G'ville Wednesday. The Dr. told him he looked good and seemed to feel good. He wants him back in a week to check his blood work bc his counts were down and he may get a blood transfusion if it hasn't come up. Dr. M. doesn't know why that is happening since Glenn isn't on chemo. Something else obviously is going on. And he also goes back in a month to check other labs to determine if he will need to go back on chemo, depending on  what the underlying disease is doing.
He has been growing a beard for maybe a week or so. I don't like it, but he does get positive feedback from other people. He looks to me like a poor homeless man who was able to get a shower and some clean clothes. His days are filled with sleeping, facebooking, dialyzing, and writing his next book, (called "The Fine Art of Driving Customers Away", about bad customer service with a chapter on some good customer service). He's almost finished with it and his printer is itching to get his hands on it to print it and get it distributed. His next book will be political which is good bc he needs to get some of his frustrations and thoughts out, and to give me a rest from listening to it!
We go back to G'ville Wednesday and I'll fill you in on that visit then.   ttfn

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