Monday, July 30, 2012

More independence for Glenn

Glenn continues to feel much better. His dialysis 4 times a day is pretty routine for him. He hasn't been able to start the night time dialysis simply because the nurse who does the training is backed up with people to train. But soon it will be his turn. He actually has most of his hair grown back on his head and it's time to cut it. He had to  start changing his dressing on his tube because I went to help our daughter out with an urgent issue a couple weeks ago. Now he does it all on his own. :-)  He has made remarkable progress with that. This week he will be home alone for almost 4 days because I am going on a camping trip with some friends from church. He was signed up to go, but he started dialysis since we signed up for the trip. I'm having mixed feelings about going, but I'm going anyway. He will make his first trip to G'ville alone while I'm gone. I told him to put his phone on speaker and let me hear everything the Dr. says because when I get the information from him, it's never quite what the Dr. has said. I try to take good notes whenever we talk to any of the Dr.s.  I don't like not being there for his appointment but it's on the first day of the camping trip and he feels fine about going without me. I'll give you a report of what happens at his appointment on the other side of the camping trip.

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