Sunday, July 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Glenn

Today is Glenn's 61st birthday. He had a wonderful day. Our daughter AND one of our sons, (Joey) came to church with us today and took us out to lunch afterward. They came home with us for a while and Joey cleaned Glenn's gun for him. Our other son, Andy, came over and took us over to Glenn's sister's so we could go for a ride in their boat. He LOVES riding in boats. Oh, and yesterday he got to be on the radio, Flighttime Radio. He really enjoyed that a lot, too. He's tired but very content now.
He continues to feel better, although he said he hits a wall and realizes that he's not completely back to wellness yet. But he's happy for what health he has at this point. And he is totally amazed that he has made it to 61. He wasn't expecting to make it much past 35 the way he treated his body when he was younger, and then not past a year, with his diagnosis. I think he will be surprised how many more years he will get to enjoy.

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