Monday, November 14, 2011

Follow up

As a follow up from last night, the result of Glenn's Dr. appt. today is that he didn't get treatment, but mainly because of his appt. in G'ville Wednesday. Before he is started on a new round of treatment, this Dr. wants to see what the Dr. in G'ville wants to do next, what tests and results come from it and what direction we should go in. Glenn  still has a low grade fever but I think the other main reason to hold off on the treatment is that some of his labs are not adequate to receive chemo. He did get a shot to boost his red blood cell count today. That count gradually falls and he gets the shot to bring it back up, and then it goes down again.
So was this morning a fresh and positive outlook from last night? Well, not really, but Glenn is feeling better than he did for the last few days. Every so often, ok quite often, I get to the point that I want to know how long, what to expect, etc. But I know that isn't possible to determine. I do look forward to being able to make a decision about where we are going to live, which we will do after Wednesday's appointment in G'ville, and after we know the results of any tests done then. We probably won't know that information until the following Monday when we go back to the Dr. here and find that stuff out. And be assured that you will know as soon as we know! Until then, reporting from Jacksonville FL in the lovely neighborhood of Riverwood in Nocatee, this is E. B. reporting.


  1. Miss you guys. Glad to hear Glenn is feeling well.
    I have been sick with a fever for over 2 weeks and when I am feeling really bad, I think about Glenn and send up extra prayers for him.

    Actually, he needs to cut all of this foolishness out and get back to his old ornery self!

    P B

  2. Well, PB, we have certainly missed you! So sorry you're still sick. I assumed that you got better after you shared that you were banned to your room to protect Lilly. Hope you are feeling better. And to set the record straight, even though Glenn is not his usual energetic self, the orneriness is definitely still there. Hey, is your cottage still occupied, or might it be available for a homeless, elderly couple in a couple months? ;-)