Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Upate times 3

We are over two months past Glenn's first experience with hemodialysis and he does not want to have to do that again. It has its pros and cons, but he's glad he can do the peritoneal dialysis.
This week Glenn had appointments with all three of his Dr.s yesterday and today. Yesterday we saw his nephrologist in the morning and everything seems to be going well; his labs are looking good overall  which indicates that the dialysis is doing what it's supposed to be doing. In the afternoon we saw his VA Dr.  He doesn't treat him but Glenn gets some prescriptions through the VA so we have to see him. So really nothing to report on there. Today we went to G'ville to see the oncologist. Again, his labs are stable, meaning that the Light Chain disease is still stable so he doesn't need any treatment for that. ( The nephrologist and the oncologist each look at different aspects of Glenn's labs).  We always enjoy going there to the Bone Marrow Transplant clinic because the nurses always remember their patients and are so encouraging. I think it does them good to see at least some of their patients doing well. They deal with difficult and sad situations a lot and are always very kind and compassionate, and I know it does them good to see positive results from their work. Glenn's Dr. is  from Israel and has family there and visits there as often as he can. We knew he was planning to go last month. We asked him how that went and he said it went well, but his travel there was limited, and he had some concerns about being able to land there, and then to be able to fly out at the end of his visit because of the unrest there.  We let him know that we had prayed for his safety last month while he was there; of course he appreciated that.
I'm trying to remember what we've been up to in the past few months since I last made an entry. Really not much that I can think of. We've had a couple visits from Anne-Marie. We've been able to enjoy her progress with her new love of the violin. She also went to Africa for two weeks in August to an orphanage in Liberia that we are connected with from church. She, and the team, left Liberia on a Friday night and that following Sunday the borders were closed for travel because of the ebola outbreak. The orphanage has since quarantined themselves not going out of the compound or allowing anyone else in. We pray for their safety from the virus. It's scary, especially when you know people there who are in danger of being exposed. So far they are all ok.
And so we come to the end of this entry and I probably won't be back here for a couple months, unless something comes up. Thanks for your love and concern.

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