Friday, June 27, 2014


Yep, Glenn had his umbilical hernia surgery yesterday and he is  doing amazingly well. Tomorrow he will have his first hemodialysis (in place of the peritoneal dialysis that he usually does.) This involves 2 railroad spike-sized needles in his arm for 3-4 hours. I won't be allowed in the dialysis room because they keep it as sterile as possible plus there isn't room for visitors. So with this one he's on his own. I don't particularly like that, but that's the rules in every dialysis center, as far as I know. The reason he is doing the hemo is so that the
site can heal. With peritoneal his abdomen is filled with dialysis fluid all day, and at night the machine runs through 4 cycles of filling and emptying.
His most recent visit to G'ville for his check was encouraging: his lab numbers were good again.         
I had the second cataract surgery done two weeks ago and this one was better than the first one in that I didn't have as much discomfort afterwards as the first one. My sight is better now and I may not need glasses except for reading. I can't say it's great because there is another issue with one of my eyes that causes distortion so my eyes kind of fight each other. But it's to be expected that things start falling apart after a certain age. I'm very fortunate not to have more problems. I play cards with a group of ladies several years older than I am and I'm getting a glimpse into what my life will be like if I live as long as they have.
So I guess I'll give you an update on how hemodialysis goes for Glenn. He may only have to do it for a week, which would be three or four times, depending on how his surgery heals.

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