Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rolling along (or maybe writing along would be more appropriate.)

We went to G'ville yesterday and Glenn's disease numbers were about the same, a little lower. So no treatment for now. Yeah! Glenn continues to feel well and is very busy with the seminar he is hosting next week. His mind is constantly going, for which he is very grateful. After his stem cell transplant and during his chemo treatment the ideas stopped coming which disappointed him. But he's back to full speed ahead.
We are just going to Dr. appointments about every week or so, and going about our (retired) lives now.
He has finished his political/fiction book but it hasn't gone to the publisher yet. He is working on the second volume of "The Fine Art of Driving Customers Away" and there is a never ending pool of examples to write about for that one. And if you have any examples that he could use he welcomes your input. Just go to: glenn@glennboyles.com and leave him your message. He also takes examples of surprisingly good examples of good customer service. He would probably say that any good example of good customer service is surprising these days. ;-)

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