Monday, December 17, 2012

Nothin' happening but Christmas stuff

Like I told you, I would check in now and then to let you know there's nothing going on here. Glenn is doing well and enjoying the kids thinking he's Santa when he goes out in public with his bushy beard and his Santa hat on.We have been busy with Christmas events this month: Children's Christmas program at church, visited the winter land in St. Augustine, attended a beautiful Christmas concert and dinner some friends were a part of, a cookie exchange with some women from church, a dinner given for us residents at Cecil Pines, (our little community), "Thankmas" that our son and his girlfriend originated last year, a wonderful  and long anticipated wedding of the son of some friends, will be having Christmas dinner with Glenn's sisters and family this weekend, hoping to go caroling at a nursing home this week, and we'll be fixing breakfast Christmas morning for our kids and granddaughter when we will have our own family Christmas.
We don't go back to G'ville until after the first of the year. The nephrologist is checking Glenn's platelet count every week for a while to see what it's doing. So far it's still low but up a smidgen from the last time. And he gets shots every week to keep his red blood count up, (to fight off anemia). Dialysis is going well.
So Merry Christmas everyone and hopefully you won't hear from me until after Christmas.

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