Saturday, November 3, 2012

update # 2

Glenn is looking pinker today. He got a seventh unit of blood in the wee hours, plus a huge amount of platelets. The surgeon  ordered that in hopes that it would make the blood thicken up and stop bleeding. Today he still had some bleeding, but not as much. Still not slowed down enough to say it has stopped. At this point he isn't looking at surgery, we are going to continue to wait and see how it goes, or doesn't go, as the case may be.  ;-) The murse, (male nurse) had trouble getting blood out of Glenn's port to type for the unit of blood, and after a couple tries, he finally had to do a stick. All that, and getting the platelets, took all night, so we were up much of the night. So as you can imagine we are hoping for a better night of sleep tonight. Plus we get that extra hour, (thank you, God).
We have had several visitors this weekend which were so encouraging. Also got some calls from people checking on Glenn, (one at 6:30AM from a friend whose name will go unmentioned, but her name begins with P and ends with atti.) We feel so loved around the clock!  Glenn won't be going home tomorrow. We'll try for Monday.   tbc

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